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Choose Wigs According to Your Face Shape

When choosing the style or length of a wig, many factors can be considered. These factors include the shape of the face, the color of the eyes and the hairstyle you wish to wear.The first factor we consider is the shape of the face. Experts have views as to what length of hair best suits a face shape. The views are as follows:

1.The round face

The round shaped face has a round jawline. The width of the face is the same as the length. For faces with this shape, hair wigs that have a long length will suit best. Hair wigs that have hair focused at the sides of the face and past the shoulders and probably has bangs. This helps balance the face shape and make the face look leaner.

2.The oval face

An oval face is characterized by the inverted egg like shape. An oval shaped face puts you in advantage you try any hairstyle because anything will suit you. Try volume around the cheek bones to make the pop out.

3.The oblong face

This shape is characterized by the length of the face which is 1.5 times more than the width. People with this face shape may go for short or medium hair length. The parting of the hair for this face shape should preferably be side because the canter parting may draw focus to the length of the face.

4.The square face

Faces that have a well-defined jaw are characterized as square. These shapes are best suited with hair that goes slightly below the jaw to make the jaw look thinner.

5.The heart shaped face

Faces that have a broad top and a thinner bottom are defined as heart shaped. For these faces, it is best to draw attention to the top of the face that is normal to strike a balance in the face. Bangs or short hair dos will do best for this face shape. Also, if you prefer longer length of hair, try keeping a greater volume of hair around the top of the face.