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How to Apply Lace Wigs

Lace wigs are being widely used nowadays. These wigs are available for people to purchase for day to day use. The application of these wigs is the most important part in making the hair style look natural and perfect. You might need some wig tips for application. And they are listed below:

 First of all you have to prepare your hair as flat as possible. If you have long and thick hair then you must cornrow your hair backwards. For short hair it’s preferred to use a wig cap.

Once you have flattened your hair then place the lace wig on your head and cut the excess lace in the same shape as your natural hair. Never cut the lace perfectly straight, otherwise you will get a fake moon shaped hair style. You must use scissors to make small zigzags.

Securing the wig is also an important step. Follow up these wig tips. These laces have combs in the front and back. These are glue-less. You will have to adjust the strap by firmly securing the combs for a perfect fit. In order to assure the secure fit, you must move the front lace of the wig side to side.

You can also use a needle and thread to sew the few segments of the wig. This should only be done by using combs.

You can use glue in order to align the wig with your head. This would make your hairline look more natural and beautiful.

Position the wig on your head using the lace and then glue on your head. Do not brush or comb your hair for about thirty minutes. The application is done.

These are some simple wig tips for the application of the lace wigs on your head. Follow the tips and get a flawless hair style.