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Synthetic Hair Wigs:Pros & Cons

Unlike human hair wigs, synthetic wigs are made up of artificial fibers. Following are the benefits and downsides of buying a synthetic wig.

1.Pros of Synthetic Hair Wigs:

 Many women prefer to keep a style for a longer time and do not want to style their hairs very often. Synthetic wigs will be best for such women.

 These wigs are less expensive therefore people with not lots of money can also take benefit from these wigs for fulfilling their needs.

 Due to the improved technology, now some synthetic hair wigs look almost exactly like natural hair wigs. 

 Color on the human hair wigs fades with time but the color of synthetic wigs is permanent.

2.Cons of Synthetic Hair Wigs:

 As its color is permanent, some people will find it a drawback because they cannot be re-colored. Therefore if someone wants to change the color they will have to buy a new one.

 There is a large quality of the fibers with which synthetic wigs are made. Therefore depending upon the quality of the fiber of the wig, the wig can look artificial and thus give an un-natural look.

 Just like coloring, some women find permanent styling a flaw of the synthetic wigs. Some women like to experiment new styles therefore they might not find synthetic wigs to be much fulfilling. 

 The person wearing synthetic wig has to be very careful to not to get close near heat or fire. The wig might melt or damage permanently.

3. Tips:

Before buying a synthetic wig, the person should be sure about this. The color or style of the wig cannot be changed. Length can be shortened but no heat tools can be used for styling them. So before investing in a synthetic wig, one must know all about it.