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Shipping Methods

1.Shipping methods-Expedited shipping

We only have expedited shipping method and provide free shipping for any order over 50$ world wide available. Delivery times are between 2 - 5 days to all major destinations, the fastest shipping method worldwide. Shipping costs differ from items, and the shipping cost will get a 40% discount  for orders not over 50$.  

2.Tips for choosing your desired courier

According to the length of time and circumstances in different countries, customers expect to receive their products at specific time, so different couriers are chosen. You can choose your couriersbased on a combination of the following:
  Weight and dimensions of package.
  The location:We are shipping from (city, state, country or region).
  The location:We are shipping to (also called the destination country or region) 
shipping costs are calculated individually for each order based on the number and weight of items in your order, as well as the shipping method chosen.

3.Why was I asked for a "CPF" number? (Brazilian customers)

In Brazil, all individuals are supposed to state their “CPF” number on invoices and companies are required to include a “CNPJ” number. If you want us to ship your order to Brazil, please make sure to provide the correct "CPF" or "CNPJ" number so your package goes through the Customs clearance procedures smoothly.